We’re back.. finally. With a new WoT Wiki version (1.6)

Well, that took us long enough. But we’re finally done being lazy and fixed up the WoT Wiki issues, updated it with the new tank stats and added some new features (App page). Here’s the change-log:

  • Added the French tanks and updated changes with the tanks overall.
  • Fixed the player and clan lookup crash.
  • Added a caching feature to both lookups.
  • Improved the speed of clan lookup.
  • New “Penetration Calculator” has been added. More on this below.
  • Implemented an update feature which, hopefully, will make it easier for us to update tank stats when new WoT patches come out.
  • It is now possible to store WoT Wiki on a SD card.

We are also planning on releasing a paid version of the app, but it will be the same as the normal version, except with no ads and no donate button.

Now, about the Penetration Calculator feature. If you take a look at this: http://wiki.worldoftanks.eu/Battle_Mechanics#Penetration_Mechanics, you’ll see that World of Tanks use quite complicated mechanics to calculate penetration. We tried implementing this as a calculator, where you can set the shooter and target tanks and then see what % chance you have of penetrating their armor at set angle. We also included details like setting distance from the tank and slope angle (which you input manually).

Here are some screenshots and hints on how to use it on your phone:


This is the main screen. As you can see, it displays tank borders and direction. The red line represents your tank’s shooting direction (starting from the little tank icon, firing towards the green circle). Tapping on the screen will change the origin/destination of the shot, depending on which is the closest. The lower right corner displays the slope angle of the tank you’re shooting at. Tapping it will allow you to change it.

When you open the menu, you will see 4 options:

  • Change Shooter – sets the tank gun you are shooting WITH (screenshot below)
  • Change Target – sets the target tank and turret you are shooting AT (screenshot below)
  • Change Distance – change the distance between you and the tank
  • Change Slope Angle – change the slope angle of the target tank


All calculations are taken and used from the wiki site linked at the start (hopefully accurately :) ). If you google around, you can find the slope angles for many of WoT tanks, for example, here are Tiger2 slope angles: http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/Tiger-2-2002-Picz/Armor_Scheme_Tiger2.png. Anyhow, use this only as an approximation of the penetration chance, we by no means guarantee that the results displayed are correct.

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